Fitted Sheets - Should you use a fitted Sheet? or a flat Sheet?

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Fitted Sheets - Should you use a fitted Sheet? or a flat Sheet?

Posted on 07 June 2019

Its a question I get asked almost everyday.. "Should I use a fitted Sheet?"
When I first approached my supplier in France, years ago they had never heard of a Fitted Sheet.
Whether you have mastered the perfect hospital corners or whether you join the Europeans in asking, “what is a fitted sheet? we know everyone has strong opinions on this.
What the purpose of a fitted sheet?
Its what you sleep on.. to protect you and your mattress.
There are two types of fitted sheets, you can get elastic right around the whole sheet or just in the four corners.
It's important to realize that a fitted bottom sheet, will never last as long as a flat sheet.  Linen is an unforgiving, non-stretchy fabric. If you stress it hard enough, it will tear. With the fitted fabric being pulled taunt over long periods of time and the weight and friction of a body it wears out twice as fast as the flat sheet.
If you use flat sheet on the bottom rather than a fitted sheet, the fabric will actually move as you stress it, and gradually becoming untucked. This causes a lot less stress on the fabric and it will last you for years.
Using a flat sheet on the bottom is crucial if you don't want to develop rips/holes.
Understanding New Zealand bed linen sizes
Fitted sheet need to fit your bed correctly, its always best to have your fitted sheets bigger than you need.
You can tuck any extra fabric up under the mattress. your Fitted sheet will last longer.
Look for a fitted sheet with a extra drop, this mean the length of the sides of the linen sheet. most cheaper linens only have a 25-30cm drop.
You will need a 40 - 50cm drop.



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