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Linen Online in New Zealand

Posted on 16 April 2019

Welcome to Majeste 

This website is solely dedicated to pure European Linen - The Whole process from the growing, spinning, weaving, sewing and packaging is all done in Europe. 


Linen has always been a passion of mine, if fact I’m completely and utterly obsessed with all things linen. I have spent years learning about growing flax, the milling process, what makes linen special & how Flax Linen is made. 


We opened our store “The Foxes Den” in 2015 - The Foxes Den will continue to supply Quality Linens and Home textiles from companies I know and trust. Some of these will be from Asia or India but ones I have put a huge amount of time and research into. 

The Foxes Den offers a quality product at a better price.  

Majeste offers a Premium Full European Linen Range. 


We have a huge amount of linens available in New Zealand now with most beingmass produced in Asia, here we ONLY stock “true” European Linen – meaning the flax is grown in France, milled, woven and sewn all in Europe.  


The reason for this is... Cheaper linens are normally produced in China which we know is an unregulated market, meaning they have very little standards or rules about how the product is made. Many can contain chemicals such as silicon's and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a chemical that has been linked to illnesses and cancer.  

I am 100% committed and focused on sustainability, durability and expert craftmanship guaranteeing you a Linen of supreme quality.  


Our own brand of Linen has been grown, milled and made in France, the fabric is then sent to our growers own factory in Portugal for sewing. We also stock ofOeko-Tex certified range of Baltic linen and true European milled linen made in Lithuania. 

 We are proud to bring true European flax bedlinen to New Zealand.   

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