How to know if my Linen Is real European Linen?

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How to know if my Linen Is real European Linen?

Posted on 13 June 2019

How do you know if your linen is the real genuine deal or a Chinese made copy?

Sadly this is something I hear from clients far to often, so many of you have fallen for a product listed online as "French Flax Linen" or French Linen only to get it delivered and fine its Made in China.


Here is a few tips & trick when buying Linen - (p.s this is only if you are wanting real true European Linen - if you don't mind where your Linen is made... 90% of all French Linen sold in NZ is made in Asia )

Linen buying Tips ⭐

 If you visit a  website and their linen is genuine European linen they won't hide it.. they would be proud of the fact that their Linen is made in Europe & promote the origin of the Linen.
***be very weary of purchasing linen called French flax linen if it doesn't say where its made*** ...Unless you're happy with a Chinese or Indian made Linen. 

Here is an example a customer recently sent me.. she copied this from the linen sellers website; 


"beautiful stonewashed French flax linen bedding. Our high-quality 165gsm duvets, sheets and pillowcases are made from 100% pure linen sourced from Europe and are pre-washed for extra softness and beauty"


If this linen was authentic European Linen... they would say! MADE IN EUROPE!!

They should be proud of it.. Instead they are hiding behind the fact that their supplier buys the raw flax fiber in from France, mills it, processes it and make the linen fabric all in China - making this linen 100% Chinese made.

She said she has tried to stay away from anything made in China.. its misleading

What is even worse.. once she received the product - this is a photo of the product tag.

It doesn't show where the product is manufactured.

This is what our product labels look like..

Luxury Linen bedding NZ 

Price is another very good indicator.. Genuine authentic European Bed linen won't be $200 -$300 a set you are looking at up to $500-$600 a set.

I have spent years learning about the best flax linen, finding the best flax growers, processing mills and sewing factories.

Then the milling process, it doesn’t matter how good the Flax crop it needs to be processed with care and respect. This is why we only get our linen fabric made in Europe. These people have been milling French Flax linen for 100’s of years. Many of the mills we deal with are traditional family own and run mills.  

We deal with directly with a flax linen grower in France, they grow the crop and process the fiber. The raw fibers are then sold to fabric mills around the world to be woven into the linen fabric. 

I ensure the whole process is done in Europe, I have spent years researching linen mills and factories around the world, including China and India. Both markets are completely unregulated, meaning they have very little or no standards or rules about how the product is made.  

Including child labor, terrible working conditions, massive amounts of nasty chemicals used in the processing and no respect for the environment.   

I am 100% committed and focused on sustainability, durability and expert craftmanship guaranteeing you a luxury Linen of supreme quality.  




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