We are on the hunt for a few Linen Tester's

We are on the hunt for a few Linen Tester's


We are on the hunt for a few Linen Tester's... Yes you read that correctly!

We are looking for some willing bodies to test & review our Linen.


Whats Involved..
We would send you some free bed Linen, you would then do the tough part  of Sleeping in our Linen... write a review on what you thought, how we could improve and how well you slept.


Sounds like something you could handle?


🖤 Comment below on why you would make a great linen tester..

🖤 What bed Linen you currently have on you bed.. (Not the Brand) Just include as much info as possible - I.e I don't use a top sheet, Just a Duvet)

🖤 Tell us the size of your bed..

🖤 Feel free to tell a friend.. ( they may have a different size bed to you )


**Please note.. We are only looking for "Linen Testers" located within New Zealand & Australia.

You don't get a choice in the Linen Item or the Colour.
Products Range from Pillowcases, Flat sheets, Fitted sheets and Duvets.
You would be required to use the linen for at least 3-4 washes.
**YES you DO get to keep the linen once you have review it.


Why.. you ask?
We are just a very new brand, a new shipment of Linen that needs your opinion. I sleep in it and love the feel..But will it appeal to others? ... I work very closely with our Linen mill in Europe, so I have the ability to change the finish, the texture and the weight of our linen.. So I need your help!


Any Questions.. Please ask.



We have had a overwhelming response to our linen testing role.. Thanks so much for all your submissions.

Now we have the tricky bit of sorting through them all.

I'm blown away by how many of you don't use a top sheet... It's amazing and it shows how important a good quality, soft duvet cover is.. it's not just for warmth and show anymore..


Have a ready of some of the common comments;

We would love to trial your Majeste Linen! Currently we sleep on cotton sheets (top and bottom with a duvet) on our King bed. However, recently I have stayed at a friends and they had linen pillowcases and the difference was incredible. So luxurious. Since then adding linen to our bedding has been on my to do list. I have spent some time on your website and your French Linen looks like amazing quality linen that could be a perfect match for us. I love to write reviews and often do send reviews in after first buying a product  


I'd love to do this for you, I'm a fabricohlic (if that's a word!) I so love the different textures of fabric and have a real growing love for all natural fibres, however I've never slept on linen before! You honestly can't beat a bed with lush feeling sheets. Mine at home aren't the best, We sleep on a king bed with cotton sheets in summer, a fitted sheet and a top sheet, and then layer up the bed in winter with fleecey sheets for warmth with a few duvets, and always loads of pillows 


Would love a chance to review. I love linen it’s just so snuggly and breathable and in line with my core values of using natural products. Currently have linen sheets and duvet on my super king bed 💕 💖   - 

Great to hear, I'm all about natural fibers and quality- so many of the cheaper Linens are lased with loads of nasty chemicals. best to stick to certified Oeko-Tex® Linen 


Would love to review Majeste linen. I love linen as a material. The quality and feel of the fabric. Also has a great natural aesthetic look as well.Our bed is a queen size. We have a top sheet and a deep mattress so use a deeper fitted sheet. We have a down duvet on top. Would love the opportunity to review your linen.😊

Linen is beautiful ♥️ - yes we have fitted sheets in 40cm - 55cm deep. the standard size sold is only around 33cm deep.


I would love to be a linen tester for Majeste Linen, it looks and sounds like a truely beautiful product. I currently use a combination of Linen and Cotton sheets (top and bottom always) on our Queen sized beds, we have a linen duvet cover and pillow cases on our bed all from various suppliers. I am a trained textile technology teacher (currently on maternity leave) so am very familiar with fabric testing and assessment and of course love all sorts of textiles but in particular linen, it can be so luxurious, hard wearing and the drape!!! 🥰 I like to support organic industries or companies that produce low environmental impact products, and have transparent and ethical practices. Thanks for your consideration x 

Sounds perfect.. someone who can appreciate true quality and real European origin. I have spent years researching linen mills and factories around the world, including Asia and India Both markets are completely unregulated, meaning they have very little or no standards or rules about how the product is made. 
Including child labor, terrible working conditions, massive amounts of nasty chemicals used in the processing of the Linen and no respect for the environment... This is why I have made a commitment to only sell True European Linen!! -


Hi Majeste Linen - your new business sounds wonderful - Would be a dream to be one of your testers! I have never had linen sheets but would love to try them. We currently sleep in a King bed and always use a top and a bottom sheet. When there are fresh clean sheets which have been line dried outside its a complete joy to go to bed! I love the fresh smell, the feel of the fresh sheets and the plumped up duvet! One of my daughters recently bought some linen pillowslips and said they are amazing! Would love to be considered! Have a wonderful day


Hi I’ve been looking at all the beautiful linen on you site for a while. I’m very curious to try linen sheets. Up until now I only have a linen duvet cover and pillow cases but am wanting to see how it would feel to sleep with a linen fitted sheet and loose sheet too. I’m wanting to see if linen sheets with improve my nights sleep and regulate heat better (will they make my partner stop snoring also?! 🤣) I have a king size bed. Thanks 

🧡Ha- I can guarantee they will regulate the heat better and improve your nights sleep.. as to the snoring 😂 can't help you there! Maybe if you try Linen your partner will be sooo relaxed the snoring disappears 😁 


What an opportunity to try new bedding. Yes, I would love to be a tester for you. Good bed linen is my weakness and I prefer natural fibres. In our house we are mostly using a diverse mix of pure linen and cotton at the moment. Some of the beds have linen sheets ( fitted and flat) with woolen blankets and cotton or linen quilts. Other have cotton sheets with linen covered duvets. The linens and the cottons are a mixture of weaves and ages. ( something has to fall apart before it gets thrown out or re-purposed). I love freshly ironed pillowcases that smell of sunlight and fresh air. All the beds are queen sized. Theres nothing like a comfy stylish bed to climb into at the days end. 

This is an excellent offer! I've always wanted to try linen sheets 😍 - I've only experienced and enjoyed linen pillowslips up until now. I have only had fitted sheet and a top sheet of cotton in summer or fleece in winter. 
My duvet is of cotton but I often use a cotton top sheet even in summer warmth to minimise mozzie bites when the duvet is thrown off! 
I have had some problems finding fitted sheets that would fit my double bed since there seem to be only queen and king sized sheets out there. 🤔 

Oh Linen sheets are amazing!! 🤣 we do have some fitted sheets in Double, but we can always custom make some for you. currently the wait is around 4 weeks. Have a look online - here - https://www.majeste.co.nz/.../pure-white-linen-fitted...


There's just something so comforting yet so indulgent about linen! I'd make a great tester as I worked in two different homewares stores during University so am familiar with a variety of linen brands and different quality. I then worked 6 years as a marketing consultant so understand that a quality product and positive customer experience is imperative when building a brand... I'm also excellent at providing detailed constructive feedback! 

Now as a stay at home mum, running the household and creating a beautiful, warm and cozy home for my family is my passion.

I have 3 sets of linen duvet covers and pillowcases but have never actually tried sheets before. We have a queen bed and use top and bottom 500 TC sateen sheets, so would be interested to see how linen sheets would feel in comparison!

 Oh - Linen is divine. Its good to know you have experience in linen, you will appreciate a true high quality European Linen over against all the Linen that is made in China.. currently been sold in NZ as French Linen! - 


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I would love to test your linen. My husband and I travel a lot and have slept on some very hard/starchy linen and some a little soft. The type of linen you sleep on can really make the difference between a good and bad sleep. I personally have recently bought cheap linen but I know it won’t last. Theres nothing like the feeling of getting into a bed with clean soft sheets to snuggle into. Please choose me, I feel I have the experience and I will give you my very honest opinion.


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Bed Linen Auckland

Would love to have the opportunity of trialing some if your beautiful linen.
I recently purchased a duvet cover in your Baltic Linen ,queen size in Ash.
It is the most beautiful fabric I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on.
Have had a set of linen sheets that my niece gave me as a present 3 years ago, when she stayed on holiday.
Cannot beat nature fabrics.
Have had Fibromyalgia for the past 11 years, and linen is the only fabric that does not irritate my skin.
Thank you for this opportunity to voice our opinion

Gail Croese

Linen is my go to fabric. I have linen only duvet covers and currently use cotton sheets both upper and fitted. Linen is also my preferred clothing choice. I am horrified to learn that the plastic beads found in our oceans are due to the washing of synthetic clothes. We must all get back to using only natural fibres. Nature provides what we need. I would feel privileged to become a tester. I have a queen size bed. Thank you for the opportunity.
Pamela Doar

Pamela Doar

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