About Us

Our Mission

Majeste is a trusted family-owned brand based in Christchurch, New Zealand. We are committed to bringing luxury textiles that are ethically sourced to the New Zealand market. We set very high standards for our products ensuring they are all of excellent quality.

Our mission is to elevate homes to look and feel more luxurious, turning them into spaces that you are proud of.

All our textiles are made in either Europe or in New Zealand by our local sewing team.



Our Bedding


Linen has always been a passion of mine, in fact, I’m completely and utterly obsessed with all things linen. I have spent years learning about growing flax, the milling process, what makes linen special & how Flax Linen is made.

All our bed Linen is completely grown, milled and made in Europe by our own skilled artisans. We have crafted a range of exclusive bedding that has come to embody luxury, comfort and creativity.

We only provide 100% authentic European Bed Linen, The Entire process from growing, spinning, weaving and sewing is all done in Europe. Providing you with high-quality, luxury bed Linen.

Why Majeste?

Now we have a huge amount of linen bedding available in New Zealand with most being mass-produced in Asia. I made a commitment to ONLY sell “true” European Linen – meaning the entire process is done in Europe.


I have spent years researching linen mills and factories around the world, including China and India. Both markets are completely unregulated, meaning they have very little or no standards or rules about how the product is made. 


Including child labour, terrible working conditions, massive amounts of nasty chemicals used in the processing and no respect for the environment.  


"I can guarantee you; your bed linen will be European origin with superior quality and pure luxury"

- Owner