The First EVER 100% linen dish cloth

The First Of Its Kind....(or the first we have come across anyway, let us know if you have ever used a 100% linen dishcloth?)

The Majeste team was looking to stock an 100% linen, luxury kitchen range and what do you know we couldn't find a linen dishcloth anywhere!
So we came up with our own design right here in Christchurch, NZ and decided to let our friends and family test them out for a while.

The reviews were fantastic! Not only do they look stunning, but the natural coarseness of the linen fibres makes for a perfect texture for wiping surfaces.

Linen is a natural fibre that...
-Ages beautifully, becoming softer and more absorbent with each use
-Is naturally absorbent and quick drying, meaning there is less time for bacteria build-up
-It's clean, natural, odour deterrent and produced with no harmful chemicals

So what better place for linen to thrive than in the kitchen, where you need qualities like these more than ever!
Our mission is to elevate homes to look and feel more luxurious, turning them into spaces that you are proud of. So to make a basic everyday ritual something special, try out the Majeste 100% linen dishcloth and help us help you! 
The Majeste Team.