Linen Pillowcases | White | Made in Europe

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Linen Pillowcases | White | Made in Europe




 Pure Linen Pillowcases set in White, Made in Portugal from Luxurious 100% pure European linen.

Our Bed Linen is grown, Milled, woven and made in France, the fabric is then sent to Portugal for sewing & finishing - Making this linen truly European Linen. 
This stunningly beautiful 100% linen is  luxuriously stonewashed for ultimate softness.
The timeless beauty of linen will envelop you with comfort by keeping you cool in summer and warm in winter. The fabric gets even softer and more beautiful after each wash and will last the test of time.

Our Linen is woven from 100% natural linen fiber. Being the world’s oldest and most luxurious fiber, Linen is organically grown and naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial.
A pair of oxford pillowcases.
Size: 50cm x 75cm 


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