Lodge Linen Pillowcases | White | Made in Europe

Luxury Bed Linens - Manufactured in Europe

  • Lodge Linen Pillowcases | White | Made in Europe
  • Lodge Linen Pillowcases | White | Made in Europe

Lodge Linen Pillowcases | White | Made in Europe




Pure Linen Lodge pillowcases with an Oxford Style Border. Made from 100% Linen.


Our linen is pre-washed for an amazingly soft feel and durability. Linen is the strongest fiber around It can literally last for decades if cared for properly. The more our french linen is slept in and washed, the softer it becomes.

Size: 50cm x 90cm | (Extra large for big beds)

Price is for a Pair


This Stonewashed linen is the finest linen available. This is one of those family heirloom products that gets better with age.

Benefits of Linen

Linen is a very durable fiber. It is 30% stronger than cotton so sheets and duvets keep their shape.

Linen has a high moisture absorbency, is hypo-allergenic, thermo regulating and highly breathable.

This stonewashed linen is the ultimate in linen luxury because of its yarn. we use only the finest long staple yarns which undergo an anti-pilling and pre-shrinking process.

It is 190gsm in weight versus other less expensive linen which is typically 160gsm.

100% Belgium grown, retted and spun linen. Belgium linen is regarded as one of the best quality fibers in the world, This linen is then woven, dyed and sewn in Portugal, then genuinely stonewashed in small batches of 3-4 items to ensure perfect shonewashing every time.

Customer Reviews

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Yolande Jones
Lodge pillow case

I was unfamiliar with this product so was a little hesitant. The quality, workmanship both are excellent. The shipping was fast and reasonable cost.

The wrapping was a delight. Cute paper all wrapped up in a lovely satin ribbon. Complete with a hand written thankyou note. The way shopping used to be when I was a girl in England.

The attn to detail is amazing.

Yes I will certainly shop again and definitely refer my family and friends

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