The Best Linen Sheets in New Zealand.

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The Best Linen Sheets in New Zealand.

Posted on 04 June 2019

Its what we all what to know.. How to select new bed linen & bed Sheets..who has the best Flax linen Sheets available in NZ?
So many factors come into this, the customer reviews, comfort, where the product is made, how the linen is made  and the price.
I have spent years, researching and learning about flax linen, I have talked to linen mills all over Europe, I've found out how they process their Bed Linen.
Normandy (France) and Belgium are considered the best climates for growing the flax plant. The temperatures and cooler climates are ideal for the cultivation and controlled decomposition of the woody plant. 
For most of us when we are purchasing new Bed Linen or new bed sheets we all look for the thread average linen fabric used for sheeting has a thread count of between 80 and 150. This sounds very low but  flax linen fiber is done by weight.
When selecting new linen bed sheets, two things you should always look for is Origin of the fabric & weight of the fabric.
Linen quality depends on the flax plant itself; if the source is low quality the fabric produced will be of similar quality. 
France & Belgium are known for the best quality flax fibers, the climate is idea for growing a strong plant. But more importantly make sure the fabric is made in Europe.
Many Linen sheets sold in New Zealand are sold as " French Linen" but very few is actually made in France.  
If someone is selling French Bed Linen online in New Zealand.. but in the product description doesn't say "MADE IN EUROPE or MADE IN FRANCE" - it will be made in China.
The product quality will reflect this.
Linen Sheets
Linen weight and quality is actually not measured in thread count but by “GSM”, short for grams per square metre - its literally the weight of the fabric.
Most linen bedding will sit between 140 and 200 GSM and as you would expect a higher GSM will indicate a thicker weight fabric.
I recommend the weight of the fabric for Linen Sheets need to be between 170gsm and 180sgm
Its best to get pre washed Linen, it wont shrink.
Most Linen Sheet sets in New Zealand are sold with a Fitted bottom sheet, a flat top sheet and a pair of pillowcases.
When I first contacted our supplier in France 6-7 years ago.. they had never heard about a fitted sheet.. there is a reason why they don't use a fitted sheet.
If you wanted to learn more about fitted sheets - read here.
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